Why Naked Yoga?

Why in the world would you want to do yoga naked? Even more to the point, why would you want to do naked yoga with naked strangers? There are quite a few reasons actually.

Mental and Spiritual Improvements

  • Improve body image by overcoming insecurities and fear
  • Disassociate nudity and sex
  • Deprogram our brains from the media onslaught of unrealistic and photoshopped bodies
  • Get comfortable with “real people” bodies, including our own
  • Gain a more intimate connection to the world around you by feeling the air and sun on your skin

Practical Improvements

  • Remove clothing restrictions that hinder free movement… no more wedgies!
  • Expose muscles previously hidden by clothing, making it easier to teach and show proper form
  • Reduce money and time spent buying and maintaining expensive yoga clothing

And the Downsides?

Along with many benefits, there are some things that are less than ideal. It is up to you to decide if they are worth the benefits.

  • Some people think it is weird or improper and you may have to deal with that
  • Clothing absorbs sweat and lack of clothing, well, doesn’t… it could get slippery

Did we miss anything? Please contact us with your thoughts so we can update our list.

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