List Your Class

If you run a naked yoga class, we’d love to list you on our site. To be listed in our class directory, the following requirements must be met.

1. Classes Must Be Recurring Naked Yoga Classes

We are trying to build a resource for long-term naked yoga practitioners and as such do not include listings for “one off” classes or events. If you have an event you want to promote, please contact us.

2. Classes Must Be Devoid of Sexual Behavior

Again, these are yoga classes, not meetups or fronts for sexual encounters. There are groups that use naked yoga as a means to get together for more than just yoga, and some will even explicitly advertise this purpose, but that is not what we promote here.

3. Your Listing Cannot Contain Explicit Nudity

Wait, what? Really? No nudity in the listing for a naked yoga class? Naked yoga is about a lot of things, but voyeurism is not one of them. We want people to come here to find the best naked yoga resources, not to check out the naked people. Explicit photos will attract people who have no interest in yoga, increase bandwidth usage, and not benefit the community we’re building.

Due Diligence

While we have attempted to ensure our listings meet these criteria, we cannot guarantee what goes on in any individual class. Potential students should directly verify classes meet these or any other requirements they may have before signing up or participating. If you notice any listings on our site that do not meet all of these requirements, please contact us so we can look into it. Listings not meeting our requirements will be removed.