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How do we create a logo that captures the essence of naked yoga? We thought long and hard about this question before coming up with our design. There’s so much to consider.

First of all, there are so many different kinds of naked yoga. There is co-ed naked yoga, men’s nude yoga, women-only, LGBTQA-focused, couples, workshops, retreats, and the list goes on.

Second, there is a spiritual and historical aspect we can’t ignore. Many people may think doing yoga in the nude is a relatively recent phenomenon. Actually, nagna yoga, as it is written in Sanskrit, has been practiced since ancient times.

Finally, a logo should be simple, recognizable, and unique.

Whew! How do we capture all that in a logo? Well, one thing in common with all the various kinds of yoga is clear. It’s the nakedness. And the second part is about a connection to the spiritual past of nagna yoga. Then, simplicity. Well, the simplest way to express nakedness is probably the word “naked.” Our logo clearly can’t just be the word naked… so, well, what if we use “nagna” instead to make the historical connection? Better, but it is still just a word… Ah, we’ll write it in Sanskrit! And that was it. And here it is:

It is simple, clean, and says everything it needs to. We love it. Hope you do too!

But wait, you forgot the “yoga” part!

We were sort of hoping you wouldn’t notice that. Technically “nagna” just means “naked,” not “naked yoga.” But actually, if you look closely, and you let your mind think a little abstractly, you can almost see little stick figure limbs doing little stick figure yoga poses. Maybe flip it upside down in your mind. We see outstretched hands and arms and feet in beautiful poses. It’s in there, we swear!

By the way…

If you’d like to link to us, and want to include a logo, please feel free (encouraged, actually) to use this logo as part of the link. Just click it to open the full size version. The one above is pretty big (1200 by 1200 pixels), but if you’re doing responsive design on your site, and you want it to look nice on high resolution screens, it is probably the one you want. It is only 23 KB. If you want something smaller, for your convenience we also have half size (600 by 600 pixels; 10 KB), quarter size (300 by 300 pixels; 5 KB), and eighth size (150 by 150 pixels; 2 KB).

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